Every next level of your life will demand a different you.


What is On the Road to Happy and Healthy?

Life isn't always sunshine and roses. We all have shit we have to deal with and pasts we cannot let go. On the Road to Happy and Healthy is a personal development and lifestyle blog. This blog is my journey and I am taking you along as I change my life. From focusing on my mental health to fitness goals, I am just a girl trying to be happy and healthy.

Depression is real regardless of your skin color, toxic relationships exist within some of our most precious relationships, and people hurt you while relationships crumble. That only means it is time to grow. We have to learn from our struggles not let it defeat us. We have to remind ourselves that even if we feel like we are failing, there is room to start winning.

Join me while I change my life. From thinking better to eating better...it's time to live my happiest and healthiest life. Are you in?


“I’m working on me, for me”.

Salathia |  executive blogger


My Unspoken Truth

A little over a year ago I found myself facing demons buried deep under my bed. The more I ignored them the more toxic I was becoming. I found myself angry, hurt and overwhelmed over situations that happened to me years ago. I was in a sunken place while the people I was hurt by were living their best life. At that moment I realized it was time to start living my best life. It was time to pull the demons from under the bed and slay each one. What started as a new Instagram for viewing positive content turn into my blog On the Road to Happy and Healthy. A place where I hope to inspire others to find the courage to face their demons as well. With that being said, I have some slaying to attend to.