It is okay to cry...

You have to let that shit out. Sometimes we have to pour alcohol on open wounds for them to heal.

Sometimes we must face our darkest hours to see the brightest days.

Releasing that pain is the best thing you can do. I look at it as a cleanser because holding it in only makes it worse. So many of us think of crying as a weakness and that is okay. It is okay because crying is something intimate. Something that most of us need to experience alone.

A family member once told me the best place to cry is in the shower. Imagine the tears flooding down your eyes while the water washes them away. A warm area where you can let them flow peacefully with no explanation. As the water hits the shower curtain the sound is soothing. The sound is what you need right now.

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Bottling up emotions is toxic. It is like pushing a ball in the water, once you let go...the ball burst up rapidly. That is what happens to your feelings. I've bottled up many things and it only made situations worse. It got to a point where my body was overwhelmed by my emotions. I was holding on to so much animosity everything made me upset.

If someone did not reply to a text, I was livid. If I spoke and someone did not listen, I was pissed off. I was triggered by everything!

I think it is also important to know that it is okay to be sad. It is okay to cry if that is all you ever do. Crying is not wrong!

I am an emotional butterfly who cries for everything. I cry when I am sad, after sex, when I am happy and when I feel blessed... you get it. Crying releases all those emotions that are built up within.


You have to face your own emotions before you can communicate effectively with others. You must face your own demons before helping others face their own. Lastly, you must love yourself in order to truly love others.

I leave you with two things:

  1. A quick video on how to process your emotions.

  2. Next week, we will be talking about SELF LOVE!

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