I've come to realize...it's over.

Photo by: @krewellah87

Photo by: @krewellah87

People grow apart and it happens so suddenly. You just notice one day that nothing is ever the same. This happens often with friendships. It was like yesterday when we were having sleepovers and now we are states apart clinging on to a dying friendship. Our small talk is like a jog around the block. We go in circles but nothing is really said. We hold on to each other because we are family now and that’s what family does. Oh but we’ve both changed. We have joined different crowds and we see things differently. Our goals aren’t even the same anymore. 

I remember telling myself these things don’t matter but oh how it does. It matters a lot because now we don’t see eye to eye. It is like we have become strangers. Is she my best friend? No, I think you’ve gotten her mistaken. 

I think we have all face this before. Like a new mother whose best friend just doesn’t understand how hectic her life has become. She doesn’t understand how you are still learning how to manage your time. Then suddenly a few years past by and you can’t recall the last time you spoke. 

Or those who go back to school and your friend is begging you to go out. “Let’s just have a few drinks.” It never happens. Schools got you stressed, you blink and bam… it’s already finals week. Then suddenly you don’t recall the last time you guys spoke. 

It has taken a lot in me to realize that friends just grow apart. Even the ones that we think are our family. You start focusing on different goals and things and it could really push you guys away. 

It's happened recently...a friend of mine we don’t see eye to eye. It had gotten to a point where our conversations seem political like one of us voted for Hillary and the other Trump. When in reality we never voted at all. And the hardest part is when only one friend is holding on while the other is just stringing her along. Hiding the fact that she thought the relationship was dead years ago.

So I tell you this as a reminder that a title should not mean anything. Just because Sara is your cousin doesn’t mean you need to keep Sara in your life. Just because you and Jorge have been friends since diapers do not mean you need to keep him in your life. On my road to happy and healthy, I am learning that the energy and level of respect mean so much more than a title.

You deserve people who love you, support you, and bring positivity in your life.