Dear Friend,

Now a day’s people think because I want to lose a large amount of weight I do not love my body. My goal is not to look like an Instagram model or fitness coach. My goal is to avoid heart disease and diabetes (things that run in my family).

To be able to sit in a seat comfortably or not have to worry about being high risk when I get pregnant. Your body is your temple and yes we all love to promote self-love but the truth is self-love is treating your body as best as possible.


For me, that means eating well, exercising, drinking a lot of water and taking care of my skin. Now I am nowhere near the weight goal I want to be at, however...

Every step during this process makes a difference.

I am currently overweight and with that comes a long list of health issues I do not want to face. I want a family and I want to be able to run with my kids and be active…this is why weight loss is so important to me.

A friend of mine said, “you are always looking for new ways to lose weight when instead you should just love yourself”.

I thought that was an incorrect statement because to me loving yourself is taking care of yourself. That means taking care of your body, your mind, and your spirit.

For the longest I allowed food to control me. I allowed myself to gain so much weight out of depression and laziness. It had gotten to the point where I hated looking at myself in the mirror. 

Your body is like managing a relationship...

how can you expect it to go well if you do not put any effort into it?

Ever since I have started losing weight and just eating better I feel amazing. My confidence has boosted and I do not even see anything different in the mirror (although the scale says something different).

What makes me so happy is the fact that I am finally taking control of my health and not letting my health take control of me. It feels good to have self-control and say no to that brownie. It also feels good to enjoy a nice meal without feeling sluggish and sleepy.

With that being said I am a true believer that self-love is being able to improve yourself. I do not mean getting a nose job or implants but being able to change yourself for the better.

This includes eating healthy, exercising, going back to school or even therapy. Those are personal goals I have created to ensure I am on the road to happy and healthy.

Here are some pictures of me embracing my body and my journey. Love every inch of weight you lose because it is an accomplishment. Lasly, do not give up. Losing weight is a lifestyle not a magic trick...it is not going to happen over night. 

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Thank you for reading,

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