5 Ways to Start your Self-love Journey and How to Fit it in your Schedule

Self-love Sunday is more than just a hashtag it is a commitment to yourself. As you join me On the Road to Happy and Healthy it is important that we take time out for ourselves. The week is filled with a heavy workload and responsibilities that suffocate me. I imagine it does the same for you.

The weekend is two days where we can attend to ourselves and even then it is difficult. Other responsibilities outside of work fill your weekend. From grocery shopping to spending time with others. It could feel like a never-ending cycle of responsibilities.

Below are a few tips that can help you carve out time for yourself.

1. Relax your mind through reading, meditation or a


Reading can bring you into a new world and clear your mind. Self-love is not always about focusing on yourself sometimes it is about focusing on nothing. If you have a lot going on in your life reading might help silence a running mind. Bringing your mind into a different world is knowledgeable, entertaining, and relaxing.

However, not all of us have time to sit down and read a book so a podcast might work better for you. Podcast vary in genre and is great for car rides. You can listen, laugh and learn on your way home from work. I personally love listening to a podcast while driving. Sometimes after a long day of work, I just need to listen to someone else speak; laugh a little or even wonder a bit. I find myself drawn to health, religious and crime solving podcasts.

Lastly, meditation can also clear your mind. There are many apps that can help you meditate for less than 10 minutes. Sometimes we don’t have that much time, however, fitting in meditation is super easy. You can do it right before bed for a few minutes, in the car right before you have to go in for work, or even in the shower. Meditation does not have to be sitting down with candles lit. It could be in the shower with your eyes closed under the hot water. The idea is to focus your mind elsewhere in a relaxing environment.

2. Take care of your skin while doing other things.

For starters, I prefer face treatments that do not take forever. For instance, instead of blackhead strips, I prefer a blackhead scrub. It’s is faster and I can leave the scrub in the shower.

I also stick to very few products. It is hard to stay consistent when there are a lot of products to choose from. In addition, it is time to consume to look through all of them and then apply it. Ideally, I like to take care of my skin in less than 5 minutes.

When it is time to do a face mask I apply it when I am watching tv or doing laundry. This allows me to do the things that need to get done while still caring for my skin.

3. Remove toxic content from all social media.

Self-care and love is more than just physical, it is also mental. You need to take care of your mind as much as you need to take care of your body. With that being said please remove people on social media that upload toxic content, are negative or just unrealistic. Follow people who inspire and empower others. Follow people who are honest and truthful.

Here are a few people I follow that are honest, motivating and interesting to follow:

@lovedbydestiny - She is an amazing content creator with a beautiful website. Her blog posts are motivating and real. She is raw, realistic and funny.

@myreyeam - She is an amazing photographer as well as artist. Her posts are beautiful and inspiring. She shares such great content and I love all her quotes!

@climbingmountiansblog has amazing quotes as well as blog posts. I find myself constantly drawn to her content and reposting her amazing quotes. I read somewhere that quotes are cheaper than therapy aka they are healing.

@dearsupermom is a great mommy blog that has taught me so much about mother hood. I am not a mother however, I feel ready to become one due to her content. I find myself discussing some of her topics with other mothers around me and it is great to learn more.

@iamnovastyles is a blogger who brings her energy through the phone. She is always vibrant, creative and funny. Her blog posts are well written and organized allowing you to purchase the items she discusses.

@bee.serene is an amazing photographer and content creator. When I look at her photos I feel like I was there. She captures the moment and brings it back to life. She also does great collaborations that have allowed me to learn about other amazing women.

There are other amazing women I follow but these 6 are my TOP favorite at the moment. Overall, following positive people, quotes and content can help change your mindset. Think about it...If the first thing you do is check your phone in the morning shouldn’t it be positive? Shouldn't it motivate you or at least make you smile?

4. Let go of toxic people.

If you struggle with this please read my blog post (click here) called Saying Goodbye to Toxic People. Self-love is about putting yourself first and letting go of those who do not respect you or do not care for you equally. This step was the hardest but honestly, when your schedule is constantly busy it becomes the easiest.

Keeping busy is a great way to distance yourself from toxic people without being confrontational. Now, this doesn’t work for all relationships however, it can work for some. Other relationships you might have to say goodbye because distance won’t do the trick.

The goal is to surround yourself by energies that match your own. If you are searching for more positivity in your life start hanging out with more positive people. Lastly, accept that when you change so will your relationships and that is okay because your mental health is important!

5. Organize your time.

This is a lesson I learned the hard way! Last semester I did all my assignments last minute and I found myself creating less content for my blog. Overall, I was overwhelmed. It was mostly my fault because I did not plan according. I did assignments based on the day and how I felt. I made excuses for why things were not getting done instead of just doing them. So I told myself this must end!

Many people have helped me figure out a way to fix this problem and now I feel prepared to tackle 2019 (next semester). The suggestions I received were great however, I found myself creating my own planner and organizer.

This quick and easy DIY will be available soon but until then there are a large variety of apps and planners you can purchase. Etsy has great planners as well as Amazon. The app I found most useful was Google Calendar. All the other apps annoyed me and tried to sell a premium package deal or had a lot of advertisements.

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