Back to the Basics


“Back to life, back to reality” I sang as the soulful music played in the background. “How appropriate is this song?” I thought to myself. I want to start all over, rewind time and do things the way I had intended. I did something I said I would never do. I allowed social media to change this blog and I had a reality check. When I first started this blog I told myself I would talk about my struggles and focus on my journey to happy and healthy.

Instead, I added a DIY post and a post on meditation that didn’t even talk about my struggles or my truth. I wanted my content to draw people in and in reality, it was drawing people away. The whole purpose of this blog is to talk about the things that have broken me and taught me to grow. This isn't a place for beauty ratings or fact-based articles. This is a personal growth blog that I hope will inspire others to share their story.


It is important because it can make a difference. Look, I stand strongly behind some beliefs but I’ve never been the type to march or protest. I think in order to change this world we have to start with ourselves. Being a better version of myself is important for me and my future. When you want to be surrounded by love and happiness you must also be able to give it. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.

It is time I really start calling myself out on my sh*t to grow.

I’ve been holding back and it just isn't working. I need to get things off my chest you know? I want this space to be a place where we can motivate as well as grow from each other. A place that stirs up a conversation based on what you have read.


My biggest mistake:

was trying to be like someone else.

My other mistake:

was trying to do everything. Confession time...I am a great task starter. I have ideas running through my head every second of the day but how many have I actually finish? Not many. When I started this blog I told myself to stay focus and just like my attention span I went backward and started adding everything to my website: Merchandise, how-tos, DIY, and more. For crying out loud I added “positive vibe” to a hoodie and sold it when I don’t know a thing about fashion.

Take it or leave it, baby. This is who I am and this is the brand I stand by. I had to realize that by watching other people, I lost myself in the process of creating and blogging. I can’t do it all, we can’t do it. You need a tribe and team that can support you. You need honest and open truth with yourself. That is what I learned as I felt my brand taking a left turn.

So here we are back to the basics. I hope you stick with me while I get back on track. This journey is going to be a long one...are you with me?