Dealing with Change: My first women's circle

This Saturday I had the pleasure of joining my best friend via FaceTime at a women’s circle hosted by her stepmother Jessie. It reminded me of how important it is to have a squad. Whether they are miles away or close to home you need people around you to support, inspire, teach and motivate you.

This weekend the theme for the women’s circle was, dealing with change. There were many important things addressed this Saturday that made me think about the changes I’ve had to face. I never once thought about how I’ve adjusted to change nor did I think about whether the change was positive or negative.

So when we all discussed change each of us had our own experiences. There were some good and some bad. While listening to all the beautiful and intelligent women, I realized that no matter what we go through if we have a support system we can get through anything.

I thought about my car accident and how tough it was for me. Mentally and physically I just wasn’t myself. As I look back, I remember the love of my life holding my hand while my body ached. The attention and care my close family and friends gave me from far away.

I remember how these men prayed for me hours before a truck hit me. How blessed I am to be able to see, walk, talk and breathe. That car accident changed me. It showed me who was there for me and who forgot about me. In a blink of an eye your whole life can change.

The women circle reminded me that things will always get better. Sometimes we can’t see the light through the clouded room. Other times we give up instead of fighting. We need each other. I cannot stress the importance of good people in your life.

Jessie said something that left me speechless with tears in my eyes. She said, “the people around you aren’t changing, you are.”

Sometimes as we grow and blossom relationships fall apart. For a long time, I wondered why everyone around me was acting differently. Then I realized it was me who was different.

I want to leave you with this...

Please take the time to evaluate all the people in your life. Say goodbye to toxic people. If you need help doing that click here to read my blog post about it. Lastly, tell the people who have been there for you thank you. For those who have hurt you, let us move forward and embrace change because change is needed for us to grow.