My 7 day break-up

Sometimes we just need time to ourselves; time to think about life and our priorities. I decided to just deactivate my account and breathe for a while. I didn’t feel like sharing positive quotes nor was I in a positive mood. I needed my thoughts to make sense while I did a detox from social media. I needed a few days to live without my phone.

I’ve become so addicted to my phone that the first two days I would wake up and automatically go to the Instagram App. It would take a few seconds for my brain to realize that the app was gone.  

After day three, it felt amazing and refreshing. A part of me didn’t want to come back. I wasn’t comparing myself to others or forcing myself to post when I had nothing to share. I wasn’t on my phone all hours of the day. I even found myself more productive. I started reading more articles about mental health. It was freaking great!

So why come back?

I came back because I love writing and I love my blog. Growing up I never really knew what I wanted to do. As a child, I would always say “I want to change someone’s life.” Becoming a blogger has allowed me to do that. So many people have reached out to me and it fills my heart with joy.

I want people to know that we all go through things and I want to share what I go through. Depression is real and self-love is hard. There is no easy way for a happy life. We have to walk through the tunnel in order to see the light at the end. While social media glamorizes everyone’s life I am here to write my truth. Life isn’t glitter and sparkles. Life is what we make it. I’m working on myself, for myself.

Some weeks I am doing great. I am happy and productive. Other weeks I am having a melt-down and I don’t know how I am going to get through college without losing my patience. Other weeks I’m crying my eyeballs out and dealing with unbalanced hormones. No matter what week it is or what emotion I am feeling, I find a way to smile.

I’d be lying if I told you I try to look at the bright side of every situation. Let’s be real when I am faced with an obstacle my mind goes to the worst possible scenario ever.

I remember toward the beginning of the year my boss called me to his office. “What did I do?” I asked myself automatically panicking. “What didn’t you do?” my sassy subconscious said. After two minutes of my brain going through 89 different scenarios, he ended up just giving me my review. 

This blog post means I am back in business. I am trying to find a good balance so I can live my life without my eyes glued to my phone. Maybe cutting out social media once a week, for 24 hours will be my start.

Sometimes we have to say goodbye to toxic things and social media has been one of the most toxic things in my life but also necessary for my blog. So, I’m looking for a balance and soon I’ll have the perfect formula to share.