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Unapologetically Me. Unapologetically You. Unapologetically Us. - Nova Styles

Hands down one of my favorite bloggers, Nova is inspirational and unique. She is a lifestyle and fashion blogger who tells stories through her writing. Her unique style shows when she writes and when she steps out of the house. Nova has such a positive attitude. My favorite thing about her blog is how personal she gets. Each blog post comes with a variety of unique photos and outfits. Don't even get me started on her handbag collection. She never fails to surprise me; from a dog handbag to skittles.

I am so grateful that I was able to interview her and after this interview, I am sure she will become your favorite blogger too.

The Interview

What inspired you to start blogging?  

As a larger framed woman and a woman who suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, my weight was always fluctuating from high to low, to low to high, and everywhere in between. Truly, I have always been a thicker woman, PCOS only added to the thickness. With this, and going through such shifts in my weight, mental state and insecurities, I was always true to my fashion. No matter what weight I was at, no matter how much I did or didn't love myself, I was still unapologetically fashionable.

Surrounded by fashion my entire life from my grandmother being a seamstress and my mother and aunts shopping every weekend, lol, I have been engulfed by it in one form of another. As organic as it comes for them, it comes for me. I guess it’s just in our genes. And people notice this.

I would constantly get asked how I put outfits together, how did I dress for my size and where I purchased my pieces from. I would also get questions about how I achieved so much in my life at such a young age. With these questions coming to me by so many and ever so frequently, I decided to speak to the world and answer all of the questions. Give them what I needed for myself during the time in which I was going through what I was going through. Give them what they need as they are going through it. My peers.

What is the meaning behind the name of your blog?

I am NOVA. I am STYLISH. I am UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME. The name of my blog stands on the foundation of all of these things. I wanted the name of my blog to reflect who I truly am. That I have stepped onto the scene and allow it to encourage others to do the truly who they are and stand for themselves.

What is the sole purpose of your blog?

When I think about purpose, I think about service. Service to others. Through my passion, I am able to serve others and provide them with what they need and want. That is the purpose of my inspire women of all ages and all walks of life to live purposely, "healthily", lol, balanced, and of course fashionably in every aspect of their life.

When it is time for self-care what is the first thing you do?

Providing your mind, body and soul what it needs is different for everyone. As I have heightened my love of self, my care of self has grown as well. I now listen to my mind and body and what it needs and provide them with such. This usually starts with surrounding myself with sage, palo santo and candles, sitting and taking some quiet and alone time, meditating and listening, providing myself with the outlet to let my body tell me what she needs.


What are your personal health goals?

One of the most enjoyable things for me is running. Although I can only run a short distance at the moment, I used to be able to run 6 miles a day. One of my goals is to get back to the point of running 6 miles a day. Only this time, I would like to do it outside. I run outside from time to time, yet I want to run outside all of the time and in any weather condition.

I would also like to run marathon this year. I have always wanted to do so and I am striving to get there this year. Another goal of mine is to heal my body through food. As I have grown to listening to my body, it is my goal to pay close attention to how it reacts to the food I provide it with. It is my goal to eat, listen and get to the point in which I am only providing my body with foods that nourish and heal it.

How do you handle stress?

Having dealt with stress most of my early adult life, it has surely taken a toll on my life. It would interfere with my daily activities and took a charge on my health. Seeing my cousin have a stroke at 32 due to stress was a reality check for me. I vowed from that point on to never let stress be a determining factor in my life.

Since then, I make it a conscious decision of mine to keep stress at a bay. I pay attention to the any signs and triggers that occur and be sure to address whatever it is that is pushing me towards a point of "stress land". Doing this has helped me to minimize stress and implement strategies such as meditating, speaking to my therapist and/or writing in my journal.

Where did your passion for fashion come from?

Having been engulfed in style and fashion since birth, my grandmother, Daisy, is the foundational inspiration in all things fashion from me. Although fashion has been all around me since before my inception, it was never pushed on me. Being a visual person and learner, my aura screams to be fed creativity. Fashion is a way that my hunger for visual stimulation and creativity is fed. Fashion also allows me to express my creativity in an organic way that makes me feel alive. Fashion for me is life. It feeds my soul in a way that makes me feel like the art, creativity and dramatics of it all are well, just me.

What is your favorite brand?

My favorite brand is Nova Styles. My brand is my favorite because for me, it is for all of the little girls who have ever questioned themselves, looked in the mirror and hated themselves, or who don't believe in themselves. The little girl that was once me. The little girl that has grown into a confident and unapologetic woman. The little girl that will grow into just that, herself.

Which brand do you hate/dislike?

Being in the fashion industry, I have come across an abundance of brands and designers. Gravitating and having a more organic desire for one over another is usually what happens with me. Therefore, I do not have a hate/dislike for any brands. What I do have mal-emotions for though is the outpouring of brands and their forefront of racism and racist agendas.

I do not and will not tolerate, nor support any brand which does such. What I do appreciate is their blatancy and balls to put their morals, beliefs and foundation in our faces as I would always rather have an opened-mouth racist in my presence than the opposing.

What advice would you give other women when it comes to achieving their goals?

JUST DO IT. Like Nike, my sock preference. DO IT. Whatever it is that you want to do, don't question yourself, write it all down and make an action plan to moves towards every step to where you want to be. Listen to the positive voices in your head and cheer yourself on through them. Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people and positive environments in which will support you in your journey. Smile, give thanks and do your thing boo!!

Be Yourself and Remain True to You

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